Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Science of Golf: Potential and Kinetic Energy

Each swing may be unique, but they all require potential and kinetic energy to get the ball moving. USGA equipment researchers tell how energy, and its transfer, makes each golf shot possible.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Monday, January 20, 2020

Science of Golf: Newton's Third Law of Motion

Newton's Third Law of Motion is evident in the golf swing when the club applies force to the ball, and the ball applies an equal or opposite force to the club - resulting in a change of momentum to both.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Brandon Stone Tries to Make a Hole-In-One with 500 balls

European Tour Originals presents the Chase The Ace Hole-In-One Challenge, episode 2. One day. 500 balls. And the aim? A hole-in-one. Sounds simple, right? The odds of an average golfer making an ace are roughly one in 100,000, while stats suggest a European Tour pro's chances are closer to one in 2,500.

One year on from Edoardo Molinari’s valiant, emotional attempt in Italy and ahead of this week's Nedbank Golf Challenge, we asked three-time European Tour winner Brandon Stone to go a couple of thousand better. With a day and 500 balls to play with on a 184-yard par three, could he beat the odds and find that one, perfect shot? Here's what happened...

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Science of Golf: Math of Scoring

NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association, explores the science of golf. Here, how the game is scored, both in a recreational and competitive setting, are discussed, including how a "projected cut" is determined during USGA championships. LPGA play Belen Mozo and USA Walker Cup Team participants Patrick Rodgers and Drew Weaver provide their thoughts.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

10 Reasons You Should Get Your Kids into Golf Today!

By Andrew Wood

I didn’t know it at the time, I was only 10, but the day the old golf pro, at Cow Glen Golf Club, near Glasgow died, would prove to be the start of the amazing odyssey that has been my life. A life dominated by chasing a little white ball around the World. The friends I have met, the money I have made, the lifestyle I have enjoyed all link back to that dumpster!

The dumpster where they put 60 years worth of old clubs, balls, and rubbish that the old pro had accumulated in his tiny little pro shop. From it, my uncle Forbes, whom I happened to be visiting, rescued a hand full of hickory-shafted clubs, which were promptly cut down and sent back with me in England.

My parents didn’t play golf so I started hitting balls on my own on a playing field. Soon after, I persuaded my parents to get me into a club as a junior member. For the next 8 years, I spent every waking hour, other than school, at Lilleshall and later Shifinal golf clubs. The handful of kids I played with there are still my best friends today although I moved 4,000 miles away.

The knowledge I gained about life and business on those fairways surpassed anything I ever learned in college. Although my golf did get me a full scholarship.

Make no mistake about it, getting your kids involved in golf will be one of the greatest and most valuable gifts you will ever give them!

I grew up in the late 70’s and sure we had video games like Space Invaders and Pac-man but it was an afterthought, not a lifestyle. Today’s kids need more than ever to get away from the computer games and get out and socialize with real people, not virtual people. Golf is by far the very best way to accomplish that and set your kids up for success in life. Here is Why:

1. Anyone Can Play: Golfers come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be particularly strong, tall, lean or fast to succeed. Golf champions come in every shape and size imaginable. It’s never too early to start, and unlike most other sports you can enjoy golf your entire life!

2. Minimal Risk: Unlike many other popular sports like baseball, soccer, and Football, the chances of injury, especially serious injury, are almost non-existent; golf is a non-contact sport.

3. Safe and positive environment: The golf course is a safe place and facilitates mentoring relationships.

4. Lifelong friendships: You never know who you will meet on a golf course, but it’s one of the easiest places in the world to make friends. Success breeds success and people who play golf are by in large more successful than the average bear. Those are the people you want your kids hanging out with! Best of all, golf creates a unique bond so those friendships can be developed all over the world and last a lifetime!

5. Prepare for business: It’s hard to think about it now but kids grow up and the people they meet as children can play a huge part in their success later in life. Golf is a sport that helps prepare kids and teens for careers in business and other professional arenas. Even at 12, I was learning about real life business every day from all the adults I played with.

6. Time Spent Outdoors: In today’s world of video games, smartphones, and child obesity, it can be hard to drag your son or daughter off the couch. Golf is the perfect excuse to spend an entire day enjoying nature and presents the opportunity to develop healthy lifelong exercise habits!

7. Important Life Lessons: Golf closely parallels real life as one experiences the highs and lows of the game. The range of experience, from birdies to bogeys, rewards a young person’s ability to keep each shot in perspective, manage one’s emotions, maintain a positive outlook and focus on the shot at hand. Golf is a sport that will teach your child things like integrity, discipline, and respect. As they learn to conduct themselves on the golf course, these lessons will translate directly into everyday life. (See

8. College Scholarships: Avid golfers have a lot of opportunities when it comes to college funding. The earlier your child starts, the greater his or her chance is of gaining access to scholarship money.

9. Spend time with family: Golf is a game that encourages family participation. When children are young, they enjoy doing just about anything with you (but it doesn’t long last so start now). Golf is an opportunity for quality bonding time and it’s one that can last a lifetime.

10. It’s FUN: This should probably be at the top of the list, but one of the best reasons to get your son or daughter involved with golf is that they’ll have an absolute blast. They’ll have the chance to learn new skills both physical and mental, make new friends and discover new opportunities.

There are a million things you can buy your kids or gift your kids in the hope that it helps them learn and grow, only a few make a real impact.

Encouraging them to play golf is one!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Science of Golf: The USGA Handicap System

NBC Learn, in partnership with the United States Golf Association, explores the science of golf. In this segment, the USGA Handicap System and the math and logic behind it are discussed.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Best of 2019 | Good, Bad & Unusual

In a special edition of The Good, Bad & Unusual, Teryn Gregson recaps the best moments of 2019 on the PGA TOUR, that include Tiger’s stellar year, Jack Nicklaus surprising Rory McIlroy, an Island Green one-chip challenge and a Presidents Cup comeback for the history books.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Science of Golf: Newton's First and Second Laws

Whether you're teeing off or tapping in, Newton's First and Second Laws are always present at the point of impact for a golf ball. Jim Hubbell, a USGA research engineer, explains how these two laws of motion affect the acceleration force of a golf ball.